Assignment 4 – Portraiture and Figure Painting

This page contains links to all entries related to Assignment 4

Project 1 – The Portrait

Exercise – Looking at Cartoons

Research Point – Portrait Sculpture

Annotation – A Portrait

Visit – A Portrait Gallery

Exercise  A Formal Portrait


What is a portrait


Project 2 – The Artist’s Self Portrait

Research Point – Self Portraits

Annotation – A Self Portrait

Exercise – Commission a Portrait


Project 3 – The Human Figure

Research Point – Accurate Representation of the Human Figure

Annotation – A Classical Sculpture

Visit – A Cast Gallery

Research Point – The Female Nude

Annotation – A Female Nude


Project 4 – Figure Sculpture

Research Point – Recent Figure Sculptures

Annotation – A Henry Moore Figure Sculpture


Your Review

Assignment 4 – The One You didn’t do Before

Reflection on Assignment 4


BP Portrait Award

Alasdair Gray



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